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Check out the post California’s Governor Newsom Executive Order Requiring Zero-Emission Cars and Passenger Trucks by 2035 is Shortsighted to understand why zero emission is not the only way to solve climate change.

Make a change in your life by learning to meditate. The Simple Guide to Meditation is everything you need to get started.

Multi-threaded programming can be hard. Asynchronous Programming with C++ shows you with a straightforward sample program how to master the asynchronous pattern in C++.

Microsoft surprised and disappointed many by finally announcing a new dual screen phone running on Android instead of their new flagship Windows 10X they have been working on for years. This is Why Microsoft’s Mobile Strategy is Unclear.

If you have tried over-the-counter anti-snoring devices, you may have tried the highly popular Good Morning Snore Solution device. There is a serious problem with that device. Read all about it in Why You Might Not Want to Use a Good Morning Snore Solution Device.

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