Why the Documentary “Behind the Curve” is Worth Viewing

Behind the Curve is a 2018 documentary directed by Daniel J. Clark and produced by Delta-V Productions. Behind the Curve has an important message that applies to everyone.

I started watching Behind the Curve on Netflix not really knowing what it was about. Initially, it appeared to be about this movement of people that believe the earth is flat. They call themselves Flat Earthers and they claim to be over a million people strong. I thought “seriously?” and was about to shut it off. But somehow the documentary kept my attention and I never managed to shut it off. In fact, I’m glad I watched it up to the very last second. Not until the very last second did I realize Behind the Curve is brilliant. The ending is awesome.

Behind the Curve is more an introspection of why people commit to belief systems. The Flat Earth movement is just the topic of focus to take an intimate tour of its people and how they came to adopt such a belief. Delta-V Productions should be commended for taking a companionate look at the Flat Earthers. Flat Earthers are an easy target to unleash superior minded criticism. Behind the Curve though lets their voice be heard so the human fallacy of believing something despite evidence to the contrary can be understood.

There are comments from psychologists that talk about how we start to invest part of our identity into the beliefs we hold. The documentary shows how Flat Earthers get a sense of community from going to the conferences, and how their spoke person Mark Sargent feels an obligation to the movement. Behind the Curve is important because everyone can become a Flat Earther so to speak, but just with different beliefs. No one is fully immune. Hopefully Behind the Curve will help you have more empathy when faced with people that see things differently.

Behind the Curve doesn’t really offer tangible solutions to growing belief fractionation spread by the internet, but it is a good start. There are many important topics where people choose a camp and only listen to people in their own camp. Society can be immobilized to solve problems without having a way to join the camps together. Doing something about climate change is an example where hardened mindsets are not budging by just stating the science. We need something better than just papers from scientist. Behind the Curve does touch upon the growing distrust of science. This is a scary trend because logic and evidence are supposed to be our guiding compass for society. The scientific process is founded on logic and evidence. If we don’t trust science, then what tools do we have to move a society forward?

So, check out Behind the Curve, don’t laugh at the Flat Earthers, and watch it to the last second before the credits appear.

Copyright © 2019 by Jeffery Lewis. All rights reserved.
Published by WalletCard.org.

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