How I Solved My iPhone GPS Problems

I have recently purchased two new iPhone 8s; one for myself and one for my wife. By and large, the iPhone 8 works well except for one major flaw – the GPS doesn’t always work. GPS is by far my most beloved feature of a smartphone. When I was getting GPS failures, I was pretty upset.

So I tried everything on this article. All the suggested workarounds did nothing for both phones. I still could not get Apple Maps and Here WeGo to reliably navigate. After extensively testing both phones and in different locations, I came to realize bad GPS reception was causing the problem.

I used the app “GPS Diagnostic” to measure satellite signal strength. What I found is certain locations in my car have no GPS reception with the iPhone 8. What is interesting is that it matters if the car is running. If the car is not running, GPS works great everywhere in the car. Once the engine is started, GPS reception drops to nothing over much of the dash.

I managed to find a location on my dash where the iPhone 8 got decent GPS reception (thanks to “GPS Diagnostic”). I have used two hardware-based navigation systems and three smartphones in this same car, and in the location where the iPhone 8 will not work. All five of these devices had no GPS reception issues. This tells me that the iPhone 8 has bad RF noise rejection when it comes to GPS reception. This is seriously disappointing. My expectation for these high-end and expensive devices is that something as basic as GPS reception and its ability to reject RF noise, should be on the upper end of performance. Instead, the iPhone 8 has extremely poor performance. Apple, I’m not impressed. Please fix this.

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