Why Microsoft Still has a Strong Mobile Strategy

Microsoft has a strong mobile strategy based on their current and future road map of their Windows 10 operating system and application development technologies. This article will make a case that Microsoft has a strategy to converge the form factors of desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone into a single version of Windows 10, and that this positions them for a strong, long term future with mobile.

Benefits of Running You May Not Have Considered

Everyone knows they should exercise. There is so much scientific evidence to show that exercise is good for your health. Regular exercise can significantly reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease. I would like to talk about some benefits of running that I have personally observed and are not commonly known. I have been running since […]

Harmonic Tuning Exposed

A friend of mine came over and picked up my guitar to play. He immediately started tuning in a way I have never seen before. He was using harmonics to tune the guitar within itself. Being that he was more experienced, I wanted to learn this exotic tuning technique. He was using the 5th and […]