Happiness, Technology, and Society

This section has a mixture of topics regarding happiness, living in todays complex society, and the role of technology change. Here are links to articles in WalletCard.org regarding happiness, technology, and society.

California’s Governor Newsom Executive Order Requiring Zero-Emission Cars and Passenger Trucks by 2035 is Shortsighted: A discussion on why consumers should have a choice of vehicle technology.

The Simple Guide to Meditation

Why You Might Not Want to Use a Good Morning Snore Solution Device: A warning to people using this anti-snoring device.

Why the Documentary “Behind the Curve” is Worth Viewing: Review of the documentary Behind the Curve, which is about people that believe the earth is flat.

Why the Oxford Study on Teen Screen Use and Well-Being Should be Discarded: Discusses in detail a study that seems to indicate technology use is having no significant negative impact on teens.

Benefits of Running You May Not Have Considered: Discusses three other benefits of running not including health and weight loss.

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