Why You Might Not Want to Use a Good Morning Snore Solution Device

Good Morning Snore Solution device

If you are a snorer and found that you are not compatible sleeping with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device, then you probably have searched the internet for another solution. There are devices out there that will move your lower jaw forward. These types of devices are called mandibular advancement. There are also devices that hold your tongue out. These types of devices are called tongue stabilizing. Mandibular advancement and tongue stabilizing devices have been shown in clinical trials to be effective for snoring and mild sleep apnea. The Good Morning Snore Solution device is classified as a tongue stabilizing device. It uses a soft bulb to create negative pressure. Your tongue is sucked into the bulb. This holds your tongue slightly out, which clears the airway for quiet breathing.

I used the Good Morning Snore Solution for over four years. By in large, during that time, I was satisfied with the product. Then I was told by my dentist that I have excessive gum recession on my lower front teeth. She showed me up close where the damage was located. When I got home, I put my Good Morning Snore Solution device on, and noted where the stops rest. The stops rest on your teeth and gums and hold the bulb in a location just outside of your teeth. In my case, the stops rested right where my gums were damaged. It was clear to me that four years of using the Good Morning Snore Solution has damaged my gums. My dentist told me the damage is irreversible. I’m currently in the process of seeing if periodontal work would be a beneficial option to repair the damage.

I know I’m just one person using this device. There are probably people that have used the Good Morning Snore Solution without suffering gum damage. Based on how the device fits over your teeth and gums, I suspect there are many who have suffered my fate and irreversibly damaged their gums. .

I have switched to using an AVEOtsd. The AVEOtsd is also a tongue stabilizing device. The key difference is where the stops rest. With the AVEOtsd, the stops rest on your lips, instead of your teeth and gums, which seems much safer to me. The AVEOtsd has a larger bulb that can create much more suction than the Good Morning Snore Solution. My tongue often popped out of the bulb of the Good Morning Snore Solution. That rarely happens with the AVEOtsd, and thus the AVEOtsd is more likely to be effective all through the night. Another thing I like about the AVEOtsd is that it is made out of medical grade silicone. The Good Morning Snore Solution is made from a proprietary plastic resin. I feel safer with medical grade silicone because it is supposed to be inert, and thus should not be absorbed by the body.

So if you are using the Good Morning Snore Solution, please honestly consider my warning. See where the device fits and if it is applying pressure to your gums. In my case, the edges of the stops rested on the edge my gum line.

Oh, and on another related note, never use the boil and bite style of mandibular advancement devices -these will completely shift your teeth over time. It happened to me, and I now have gaps between my teeth. You are better off getting this type of device from your dentist.

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